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在瑞安新天地在上海西虹桥板块打造的蟠龙天地商业街区,夏山打造首个“城市开放式营地”,一起探索全新的“urban retreat”都市轻度假体验。


"野趣露营会“活动面向6-12岁儿童及其家庭开放,为大朋友小朋友提供丰富多元的野趣体验,包括艺术手作&户外技能等工作坊,安全便利的轻运动站点随时开放,更有美味的自助烧烤和精彩Open Mic篝火晚会!

Summerhill Camp Counselor Training
夏山营地教育 - 营地教官培训
  • Counselor Training: build an OMO training platform that trains 600+ counselors per year, supporting a qualified counselor team to work in 30+ summer/winter camp programs with ongoing mentorship and feedback.

  • Talent Development: design and deliver On-Job-Training / Test programs for camp counselors based on a Counselor Core Competency Framework, identifying qualified counselors for relevant camp programs.

​Creative Executive Producer 创意执行制作人
  • Project Management
    Kept close track of progress and budget of creative projects, facilitated business negotiations and contract-signing, and prepared written and visual materials for project presentations, workshops, and seminars.

  • Communicative Resourcing
    Acted as the first point of contact and facilitated communication between government-background clients and the contractor designer team to ensure efficient resourcing and satisfactory delivery.

IDEAS Camp Education
Camp Program Design and Delivery
​启行营地教育 - 营地项目设计与执行
  • Program Design
    Designed and delivered 3-5-day camp and study trip programs in collaboration with top-notch Beijing-based middle schools with a focus on service learning and design thinking.

Workshop Facilitation
  • Facilitated 10+ workshops for college students, camp counselors and professionals focusing on soft skill development, topics include Career Development, Social Emotional Learning, Giving Feedback, etc.