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Project Manager
Training Manager
Summerhill Education夏山营地教育

2021.3 - Now

  • Counselor Training
    build an OMO training platform that trains 600+ counselors per year, supporting a qualified counselor team to work in 30+ summer/winter camp programs with ongoing mentorship and feedback.

  • Talent Development
    design and deliver On-Job-Training / Test programs for camp counselors based on a Counselor Core Competency Framework, identifying qualified counselors for relevant camp programs.

  • Event Planning
    design and deliver weekly outdoor camping event for children between 6-12 and their families with a counselor team of 6-10, keeping a steadily positive customer feedback record.


Public Speaking

Debate Coaching

Microsoft Office Suite


Visual Design

A Capella Singing

Standup Comedy

  • Project Management
    kept close track of progress and budget of creative projects, facilitated business negotiations and contract-signing, and prepared written and visual materials for project presentations, workshops, and seminars.

  • Communicative Resourcing
    acted as the first point of contact and facilitated communication between clients and the designer team to ensure efficient resourcing and satisfactory delivery.

Chinese     - Native

English       - Fluent

Cantonese - Basic

Japanese    - Beginner

German      - Beginner

Lost Plate Food Tours

​2019.11 - 2020.5

  • New Guide Training
    built an LMS-based online training course series as well as an offline Job Shadowing Program to train tour guides with efficiency and scalability.

  • Guide Capacity Development
    provided ongoing coaching and mentorship to tour guides based on customer feedback.

Training Manager
Food Tour Guide
Camp Program
CAMP DIRECTOR & PROGRAM DESIGNER 营地主任 & 课程主管 November 2017 – October 2019
  • Collaborative Program Design
    Collaborated with a team of experiential learning professionals from various industries to deliver 10+ workshops for 100+ teenagers between 12 and 18, with a theme on Design Thinking and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Counselor Management
    Hired and trained a camp counselor team of 20+ members and provided administrative support throughout training and program delivery phases to ensure a productive and motivated counselor team.

  • Program Management
    Designed and delivered 3–5-day educational camp programs and PBL study trip programs in collaboration with Beijing-based middle schools for 400+ students as part of the IB curriculum system.

Georgetown University



  • Admissions Administration
    Acted as the first point of contact for applicants and organized admissions committee meeting for the Georgetown GEMS program.

  • Community Communication
    Edited and distributed monthly newsletter to students, faculty, and staff of Georgetown School of Communication, facilitating a timely information flow in the community.

  • Social Media Operation
    Established and maintained Office of Diversity and Inclusion's Georgetown webpage based on Drupal website framework, regularly updating the website with visual designs and news contents.

Georgetown University
Master of Public Policy​, 2014 - 2016
Singer at GU Harmony A Capella Group
Shantou University
Bachelor of Public Management​, 2010 - 2014
President of English Debating Society 
Honorary Graduate Award
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